Company Profile

Telestar Direct Marketing S.A. was established in Greece in 1983 with main activities in the distance selling sector through MLM networks. Later on it expanded its activities in general commerce and in 1997 it made its first steps in DR-TV.
Today, the company has transformed into a full DR-TV company with activities in 5 countries such as Greece, Bulgaria, Romania, Cyprus and Turkey.
The company for the year of 2009 has acquired over 800 hours per month in over 35 television channels.
By the end of 2005, TelestarTV, a 24/7 teleshopping, has started broadcasting in the territory of Bulgaria.
Telestar Direct Marketing is running its own 2.000 sq.m. Logistic center in Northern Greece for the service of its daughter companies in the surrounding countries.
Apart from the DR-TV, the company uses also other sales channels like B2C, printed Catalogs and retail corporate shops.
The immediate targets are the further development of the retail shops of the company in the countries we already have activities, through franchise.
The company is already certified with ISO 9001 2000 since the customer service is one of our top priorities.

Telestar Direct Marketing at a glance
  • Established in 1983
  • Opened in Cyprus Market in 1992
  • Started DRTV activities in 1996
  • Opened in Bulgaria in 2003
  • e-shop launched in the end of 2004 in Greece
  • e-shop launched in the end of 2004 in Bulgaria
  • The first Mail order Catalogue has been printed in 2004
  • Launched TelestarTV, a 24 hours teleshopping Channel, in June 2005 in Sofia (Bulgaria)
  • Certified ISO 9001-2000 January 2006
  • Launched TelestarTV in ThorIII satelite covering SE, Central, CE and CN Europe
  • Telestar Direct Marketing S.R.L (Romania) and TeleClub S.R.L (Romania) opened in Romania in 4Q 2006
  • e-shop launched in parallel with starting of activities in Romania in 4Q 2006
  • Started activities in Turkey in April 2010
  • TELESTAR DIRECT MARKETING S.A. was assessed by ICAP and awarded with the ICAP Strongest Companies in Greece Certificate 2010
    The community of “Strongest Companies” includes enterprises that have reached a high
    ICAP Credit Rating Classification, only achieved by one in ten companies in Greece.

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